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Friday, 30 Sep 2016
Rosetta at rest

Historian: By the time we wake up and get some breakfast before posting this today Rosetta will have descended to be at rest on her comet after adding her last gasp of data to the mountains of data she sent over her audacious mission. Rosetta gave us great science. Rosseta's mission gave us great examples of communicating about the mission. Those communications gave us great examples of working together.

Physicist: Yes, Rosetta gives us great science. I say "gives" because we will be working for years with data given by Rosetta's eleven instruments and with data from lander Philae's nine instruments. Some of the science can be tasted via the ESA Rosetta home pages linked to below. NASA contributed support and some instruments and parts so some of the science can also be tasted via the NASA links below.

Historian: When I checked yesterday ESA had a list of 152 Rosetta videos for a wide range of kinds of audiences. I especially like the "Once Upon a Time" cartoon series. Space adventures do apeal to the child in us. There are good lessons about science communication in those 152 videos and in the ESA web pages.

Physicist: There are also important lessons to be learned from the amazing things [link] done by supranational cooperation such as ESA and CERN [link]. I lose too much sleep trying to understand why we do not learn those lessons.

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Thursday, 29 Sep 2016
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