We are in court and Bo Peep is in the witness chair

We are in court and Bo Peep is in the witness chair. The prosecutor asks: "Who killed Cock Robin with an arrow?" Bo Peep answers: "It was Wascally Wabbit. I saw it with my own eyes!" Now the defense attorney asks: "How did you see that it was Wascally Wabbit?" Bo Peep answers: "While I was eating magic mushrooms in my new-age sweat lodge I had a vision where I saw Wascally Wabbit kill Cock Robin."

Now Red Riding Hood is in the witness chair and the defense attorney asks: "How do you know that Wascally Wabbit did not kill Cock Robin?" Red Riding Hood answers: "Our research group at the university has been tracking Cock Robin and Wascally Wabbit for many years using tiny radio transmitters. Here is a chart showing how the change in position we measure became smaller over those years. Here is a chart showing how the error in our measurement of position became smaller over those years. Here is a map showing where Cock Robin and Wascally Wabbit were all day on the day Cock Robin was killed. You can see that Wascally Wabbit never got close enough to kill Cock Robin with any arrow.

On the jury to decide Wascally Wabbit's fate sat Mickey Mouse who enjoyed his job as a sorcerer's apprentice so much that he went on to do trustworthy science. Mickey explained to his fellow jurors why evidence given by Red Riding Hood is trustworthy and why evidence given by Bo Peep is not trustworthy.

Fellow Juror Popeye seconded Mickey's explanations. Popeye was now a project manager for NASA in charge of keeping the International Space Station shipshape, which takes mountains of trustworthy science.

Also on the jury sat the Seven Dwarfs now oligarchs super rich from their coal mines. They argued that Red Riding Hood's science is bunk, that it is part of a global conspiracy to discredit fossil fuels.

Rounding out the jury sat Three Little Pigs all elected policy makers dependent on campaign contributions from the Oligarchs.

Ten to Two to convict Wascally Wabbit. Thanks to Mickey and Popeye — hung jury.

For many centuries juries have been deciding which evidence to trust. Who will form the jury to decide to trust, or not trust, science? Our best hope is us. Some of us will not know how to tell when science is trustworthy. Some of us will not trust any science. Our task is to help more of us learn how to tell when when science is trustworthy and trust this.