Faking doubt about trustworthy science

Science deniers fabricate fake doubt upon the sand of expectations of certainty. It is no surprise that the same gang of fakers hire on to fake doubt about harms of smoking tobacco, about harms of acid rain, about harms of the ozone hole, about harms to our planet. [link] [link]

We could have three films of a culprit committing a crime, each film from a different point of view, each film taken by seven holy men, and this gang of fakers would still hire on to fabricate fake doubt.

Wise persons know that certainty is a red herring [link]. Wise persons make decisions using trustworthy evidence. Wise persons are not fooled by fake doubt. Wise persons know how to tell trustworthy evidence from evidence which is not trustworthy.

Over time evidence that we are hurting Earth, and putting ourselves at great risk, had (and has) less and less error, thus becoming more and more trustworthy [link]. Meanwhile evidence for fake doubt had (and has) more and more error, thus becoming less and less trustworthy.