Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope Parts

1) The task today is to organize 11 Hubble videos starting with the begining [the begining video link]

2) Soon after Hubble was in orbit a problem arose followed by the tinkertoy drama [tinkertoy video link]

3) Then, still in 1990, a huge problem arose: The main mirror was defective. This required a major fix Dec 1993, which was accompanied by an insturments upgrade [optics video link]

4) Correction of the optics hardware worked super well. Hubble was ready to view a comet crashing into Jupiter. But, there was a software problem [This link has links to major Hubble web sites] [video link] [story link].

5) Hubble was upgraded again in 2002 [2002 video link]

6) The last upgrade in 2009 nearly failed. First the astronauts view (item 14 below is another version of this) [2009a video link]

7) Here is that upgrade drama on the ground [2009c video link]

8) Hubble teaches us much. We see the incredible vastness of the cosmos [vast video link]

9) We see our neighbor galaxy Andromeda in great detail, our best way to learn about galaxies including our own [galaxy video link]

10) We see the debris of exploded stars, debris which is then the stuff from which new stars form and from which around those stars planets form and from which on one of those planets we form [debris video link] [steler fusion image].

11) N Here is a discussion of what we can see going on in the Pilliars of Creation [video link]

12) Hubble greatly expands our view of the cosmos showing what an infinitesimal part we are. On the other hand Hubble was imagined by us, built by us, and visited by us, leaving our handprints on Hubble just as we left our hand prints on cave walls long ago [handprints video link]

13) Here are links to the Space Telescope Science Institute's Hubble Site [STsi link], and to NASA's Hubble site [NASA link]. It is not easy to find all of these sites. One trick is to delete parts of the URLs from end to front to find the structure.

14) Another version of item 6 above [link]


Spaceman Mike Massimino at the Royal Institution [link]