New Horizions Pluto flyby and beyond

Where is New Horizions?

NASA's spacecraft New Horizons launched 19 Jan 2006, flew by Pluto 14 Jul 2015, and flew on to explore the mysterious Kuiper Belt. The image above shows the path completed in green and the path ahead in red. When New Horizons passed Jupiter's orbit, Jupiter was there so New Horizons sent back many photos and got a speed boost.

Here is the NASA New Horizons site. While there we can view a super video of Pluto detail [nasa link] [video link].

Here is a link to the site of John Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory which has the contract for the New Horizons mission and spacecraft. While there we can look at the timeline of the mission and browse the many videos and data available there [jhuapl link].

Here is a link to a short history of the difficult origin of this mission with a link to a longer history at its end [hist link].

The short history too well shows differences between ever reducing uncertainties in science and ever increasing uncertainties elsewhere.