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Smarter sciences do amazing things
working together embracing differences

Trustworthy science works best when persons having different points of view and having different skills sets work together embracing difference

We are near the Einstein Memorial at the National Academy of Sciences Building in Washington, DC. A man called Foe is speaking:

Foe: Gather round, gather round. See my proof that science is fake. On this screen you will see the video of my experiment which proves that science is fake.

Crowd: Rumble. Rumble

Foe: OK, enough folks are gathered. Here goes: I blindfolded three so-called scientists and put them in a room with a stuffed elephant to see what would happen. You will see that they prove that science is fake. I call the first so-called scientist Wall, the second Tree, and the third Hose. Watch what they do.

Wall: I discovered a wall.

Tree: I discovered a Tree

Hose: I discovered a hose.

Foe: Video over. You saw it: Wall touches the side, Tree grabs a leg, and Hose caresses the trunk. Each is wrong and next they will fight to see which wrong discovery becomes accepted as true. Proof that science is fake.

[A man called Friend bursts from the edge of the crowd and rips the microphone from Foe.]

Friend: You, Foe, are the fake. You hired me to record your so-called experiment. When I showed you the video, after Hose said "I discovered a hose," you ran from the room shouting eureka. Folks, here is the full video of what actually happened, starting with Hose.

Hose: I discovered a hose. But, keep in mind that I worked as a firefighter to pay my graduate school bills and I have a bias toward hoses.

Wall: Yes, we all have limits. I am tall and I often miss details. Often there is more to be discovered than is apparent to me and sometimes I am dead wrong.

Tree: I have the opposite problem. I am short so often there is also more to be discovered than is apparent to me and sometimes I also am dead wrong.

Hose: So, let's work together to get a good idea of this wall-tree-hose object.

Friend: As the full video continues you see how quickly they put together a very good account of the elephant. Science is not fake. Science works.

Foe is the fake. FEE FI FOE IS FAKE!


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