European Southern Observatory

ESO does a good job of explaining their telescopes and results. So, the ESO web site with its many videos and images is a good place to start.

ESO web site [link]

There we can find a very good introduction to the telescopes and the work of ESO.

ESO intro video link [link]


Supranational science: European Southern Observatory [link]


European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT)

On 25 May 2016 ESO signed a contract to build the dome and telescope structure for this audacious project. With that signing a video was published to show details.

E-ELT construction details [link]


ESO Laser Guide Star for Adaptive Optics

ESO recently demonstrated an advanced laser guide star system for their advanced adaptive optics. Before we see that impressive demonstration we should remind ourselves about adaptive optics.

Adaptive optics explained [link]

ESO's world's most powerful laser guide star system [link]


Star-wobble planet hunt [link]


Observing protoplanetary discs [link]