Kinds of ESA missions

The image above is listed as the most viewed on the European Space Agency home page. The image shows ESA spacecraft Rosetta's comet lander Philae on it's comet.

ESA home page [link]

Next we take the "Space Science" link under the "Our Activites" section of the top navigation bar.

ESA space science [link]

Then we take the "Mission navigator" link under "Space missions" on the left navigation bar.

Mission navigator [link]

Much to explore here. We can, for example, take the "Rosetta" link and find more to explore

Rosetta [link]

Much to explore here also. We can, for example, take the "Rosetta videos" link under "Multimedia" on the left navigation bar and find 136 videos (today 27 Jun 2016).

Rosetta videos [link]

From the ESA home page there are many other paths to find much to explore including many overlaps.


Lucerne, Switzerland,
seen here by the European Sentinel-2A satellite in August 2015

European Space Agency member states review [link]