Juno enters Jupiter orbit

The image above shows the plan for Juno to enter Jupiter orbit. Juno's path enters from the top. Juno re-orients so that the main engine can slow Juno. Juno increases spinning for stability. Juno's main engine fires to slow down and insert Juno in orbit. Juno is in orbit. If all goes well. The colors show super dangerous radiation trapped in Jupiter's magnetic field, with yellow here the most intense and green the least intense. Not shown is Jupiter's ring with dust particles which could destroy the mission if hit. Will Juno survive? The first two videos are un-rehearsed and un-edited.

First the briefing before orbit insertion (58 minutes) [link]

Next the briefing after orbit insertion (37 minutes) [link]

The second video above has a short movie of the Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter starting about 12:40 until about 15:00. This is the first time ever that we can see bodies orbiting a distant body. Until this we only inferred what we can now see.

The plan from here

First in the plan from here are two 53 day orbits. The long time away from Jupiter gives the scientists and engineers plenty of opportunities to get all instruments in top shape. Then there will be 32 smaller 14 day orbits for the main body of work.

All of this is about the science which Juno is now poised to do. A briefing about this was published 30 June 2016.

Juno science briefing (54 minutes) [link]

Also published today (05 July) is a big "Hello Jupiter!" video mainly about the orbit insertion as it happened with some very interesting details.

"Hello Jupiter!" (92 minutes) [link]

For reference and to keep up here are links to the NASA Juno mission site and th NASA's Jupiter site.

Juno mission site [link]

Jupiter site [link]