US agencies doing and funding science

Alphabetically the US Department of Agriculture is our first stop.

DOA home page [link]

DOA organization [link]

Science at US DOA [link]

Next we visit the US Department of Commerce which is the home of NIST and NOAA and much more. Commerce does a nice job of listing sub-agencies.

US DOC home [link]

Next in line is the US Department of Defence.

US DOD science site [link]

The US Department of Energy is a major doer and and major funder of science. It is not hard to find the science here.

US DOE home [link]

The US Environmental Protection Agency is a key to sciences we need to sustain Earth.

EPA home [link]

The US Department of Health and Human Services is another major doer and major funder of science, mostly via the National Institutes of Health. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Food and Drug Administration are also housed here

HHS home [link]

NIH home [link]

CDC home [link]

FDA home [link]

The US Geological Survey in the US Department of Interior is one of our oldest science agencies.

US DOI home [link]

USGS home [link]

The US National Space and Aeronautics Administration is one of the largest agencies doing and funding science.

NASA home [link]

The US National Science Foundation is almost synonomous with science.

NSF home [link]

This list does not, and could not, include all US federal government agencies doing and funding science. The vast list of agencies provided by the main US federal government portal no doubt includes many more agencies doing and funding science.

Main US federal government portal [link]