Thursday, 22 Sep 2016
On "Smarter science"

Historian: We are now in an era of smarter sciences. Our sciences are smarter because we now have imaging means allowing us to study molecular structures, to watch things happen at the scale of individual atoms. We now have levels of precision, sensitivity, reliability not dreamed of 70 years ago when you and I started learning about science.

Physicist: Our new smarter sciences now often include mining big data produced by those imaging means. This makes possible more reliable, sensitive, precise modeling of processes as complicated as weather and climate. Our new smarter sciences now often comprise great multi-sciences teams. We are reading the special section of Science (16 Sep 2016) about precision engineering of plant biology and ecology to get plants to sustainably make stuff we need.

Historian: Sustainably making stuff we need is another defining quality of our new smarter sciences. This takes all the other qualities we mentioned here so far and much more. Part of that "much more" is passionate and humble scientists like Deborah Jin [link] shown above.

Physicist: Sad that we learned about her from the NIST notice of her death by cancer at 47 [link]. In that sadness about her passing also can be inspiration to honor her by how we live — hope that "science and humanity" is not a contradiction — hope that science can be part of all humanity — hope that humanity can be part of all science.