Most trustworthy US science sources: NAS

Historian: It can be risky to carve your name in stone. Our National Academy of Sciences was founded by federal law in 1863 [link] to advise (when asked) the US government on matters related to science. In 1918 President Wilson asked NAS to form a working group — The National Research Council [link] — in order to expand the capacity of NAS.

Physicist: NAS also expanded by adding the National Academy of Engineering in 1964 and the Institute of Medicine in 1970 (which became the National Academy of Medicine in 2015). Now when one looks for information about NRS one gets to a page headed "The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine" the stone carving notwithstanding.

Historian: Nonetheless, NAS is the most trustworthy science source we have. The NAS National Academies Press gives us the most trustworthy scientific information. Much can be read for free.

Physicist: Sad it is though that our government does not always follow trustworthy science. Sad it is though that our "news media" do not give us trustworthy science news [link]. Sad it is though that too many of us do not know how to tell when evidence is trustworthy [link].

National Academy of Sciences [link]

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine [link]

National Academies Press [link]