Martin Elliott, Gresham professor of physic
Lies and data

Historian First, by "physic" Gresham means medicine. Martin Elliott is a pediatric surgeon. His talk is about some fake science which caused him personal grief and cost too many lives. Because of the intense pressure to publish and to publish surprising results all parts of science are open to lies and to lesser fakeries.

Physicist: A growing trend in science is for all data to be available for others to study, for all means of analysis to be available for others to study, for all parts of experimental designs and changes of experimental designs to be available for others to study, in short for total transparency.

Historian: Science does give us trustworthy evidence which we need to maintain and advance our humanity [link]. Fakeries, even suspicion of fakery, hurts trust in science, gives ammunition to science deniers. Transparency can build trust in science. Humility can also build trust in science, humility to know and admit that evidence always has error, humility in use of words, "fact" and "truth" for example.

Physicist: I believe that another path toward building more trust in science is to build more curiosity about science. I also believe that path includes building curiosity about scientists and their doing of science. One reason that Martin Elliott's talk is so important is because it is about his direct experience doing his work.

Martin Elliott on lies and data [link]