Most distant blazers seen by NASA's Fermi gamma-ray space telescope

Historian: This blazers video stretches my curiosity in several directions. I am curious about the source of the super high energy gamma rays. If the source is huge black holes. then how did huge black holes form so early in the life of the universe? It is inspiring that we know enough to ask these questions. So much to still learn.

Physicist: Much of what we see in the video is by artists not by observations. The image above is from observations. The bright streak across the middle is our milky way galexy.

Historian: The views by artists are based on good evidence. The distant blazers mapped in the image above are amazing new evidence.

Physicist: We've been wondering about that stuff above and beyond us for thousands of years. When Galileo looked through his telescope and artfully told what he saw he changed our world. Now we continue to look in light our eyes can see at wavelengths between 3.9 and 7 times ten to the minus seventh power meters. We also look with radio telescopes at light between 1 millimeter and over 10 meters. And, the Fermi gamma ray telescope sees light at wavelengths less than ten to the minus eleventh power. If that does not inspire you, what would?

Historian: I am inspired and motivated by how much new we can learn every day.

Physicist: Me too.

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