On "Science and Humanity"

Juno sees the Galilean moons [link]

A defining quality of humanity is our wonder about what is beyond us. We especially wonder about the stuff above us. What is that stuff? What can that stuff tell us about us. When Galileo looked at that stuff through his telescope to see moons orbiting Jupiter and phases of Venus as it orbited our sun, he gave us a new view of what is beyond us and put us on a path to trustworthy science [link].

A defining quality of humanity is that we wander to see what is beyond us. Galileo — and the rest of us — could only see the orbits of those moons of Jupiter edge-on until July 2016 when we wandered via spacecraft Juno approaching Jupiter from above Jupiter's pole and we saw a full view of those moons orbiting Jupiter [link].

A defining quality of humanity is that we work together. Many teams of teams got Juno to Jupiter. Many different points of view got Juno to Jupiter. Many different skills sets got Juno to Jupiter. Working together embracing difference got Juno to Jupiter [link].

A defining quality oh humanity is that we imagine futures. We make plans, big plans. Spacecraft Juno was planed many years before taking us to Jupiter. We make science policies. We do not always use the most trustworthy evidence for our policy making.

A defining quality of humanity could be embracing difference so that when we work with, live with, or just chat with persons having points of view different from ours and having skills sets different from ours, and we do embrace difference, then we can enjoy more of life, better help others, do all sorts of amazing things together.


Why two of our three topic areas are about exploring the cosmos and our solar system [link]