RRD and the Perse

Jenny's father — Robert Raymond Dobbin (1905-1987) — was called RRD by Jenny and Jenny's mother Marjorie (but not to his face). RRD it is here as well.

When in 1939 Jenny's sister Deborah was born, Maisie Rook, from a nearby village, was hired to help Marjorie with the children. After the war RRD's mother died from a fall down stairs while RRD was visiting. Thus, RRD inherited the family farm, West Hill Farm. Soon Jenny, Deborah, Marjorie, and houshold goods were dumped (Jenny's word) at the farm house. This left RRD free to take off with Maisie for un-told schemes and adventures.

Jenny remembered that this was a hard time for her mother but that her mother made it a joyful time. Marjorie once said to me that her father made sure that she had a certification. She was an infant teacher (meaning she taught what we in the US call early grades). Jenny's earliest schooling was by her mother at home.

During the war RRD farmed and delivered milk in Cambridge. Now, when Jenny was ready for real school, he got some of his Cambridge milk customers to pay for Jenny and Deborah to attend the posh Perse school for girls in Cambridge, a feeder school for Cambridge and Oxford Universities. Jenny remembered her first day at the Perse as being terrible because her fellow students had many formal and informal rules Jenny knew not.

05 Aug 2015